Gold Miners Daughter

556 Hwy 46 South, Dickson
Phone: +1 615-441-6038

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Mar 02, 2018

Billy Pease

Well I thought she was a good gold buyer but her price for 24k gold is a joke... $17 for a gram of pure gold hahahaha at first they claimed it was only 10k so i had them test again with 22k acid, never going back to this person they are way to greedy and have probably been ripping people off for a long time. Just another example is I took 4 oz of pure silver and she only paid $48. If your an investor I'd recommend taking your business elsewhere so you can get the most money back from your gold/silver. Gail is a con don't take your precious metals to her. If it's your first deal you might get a nice return but as far as repeat business that's how she tricks you into coming back so she can con you.

May 08, 2018

Billy Pease

Ms. Gail is such a great person. She does it right while others give less. Give her your business if you want the most outta what you have. Great place highly recommend to all silver, gold, and jewelry needs

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